words of enlightenment (thank you, gt’s kombucha)

as i sit here gearing up for my first day back at work since leaving for national guard annual training three weeks ago, i’m trying – seriously trying – to motivate myself. while i am grateful that i have a job of sorts to come back to, i just know that i could be doing so much more with my life.

it’s ridiculously depressing to go from being in a relative position of power with control over an entire platoon of Soldiers to working as a receptionist/office manager at a salon (doing essentially the same job I did five years ago in high school) for hourly minimum wage.

i mean, really. 

so seeing this particular bottle of gt’s enlightened organic raw kombucha (more on that deliciousness another time) and its “words of enlightenment” on the label had particular meaning for me this morning:

“and the day came for the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud

was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

– anais nin

hm. well, there’s something to think about. yes, it may feel more secure for me to have a job for the sake of having a job at the moment, but is it really worth it if it’s keeping me from reaching higher? from having loftier goals, from becoming the person i was meant to be?

i may have a job when i come home tonight, and i may not. it really just depends on whether or not i have the guts to quit (or at least put in my two weeks’ notice) today.

i’ll let you know.


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