meal plan mondays: 02 – 07 july 2012

last week’s dinners were a rousing success – i was particularly crazy about the roasted swiss chard + kale + beets drizzled in olive oil with salt & pepper as a side! YUM.

without further adieu, this is what i’m thinking for this week:

monday – bbq at my friend’s gender reveal party:)

tuesday – sun dried tomato meatballs with creamy pesto with arugula salad on the side

wednesday – 4th of july! we will be enjoying steaks/brats out by the pool:)

thursday – taco bowl with crispy kale chips (shredded chicken as the meat)

friday – grilled & chilled shellfish with basil, mint & lime vinaigrette*

saturday – i am working at a wedding, so i will have whatever the lovely couple has chosen!

*if i can’t find a decent/fresh selection, i will sub with either crab cakes (i stocked up on cans of crab at trader joe’s last week!) or a big delicious salmon salad

today i’m having leftover pakistani kima for lunch and using the blueberry-vanilla-chia seed jam i made yesterday as a filling for an oat-square-esque dessert (i’ve yet to determine how i am going about that one) that i’m bringing to a gender reveal party for one of my pregnant friends tonight:)

as you can see, this week is a busy (but fun!) one. i will try to update as often as possible!


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