deployments suck.

one day down, approximately two-hundred & seventy-seven days to go.

yesterday was awesome//awful. on the one hand, kdr + i spent a great deal of quality time together and enjoyed some extremely delicious eats. from brunch at the oh-so-snobby b. matthews {it’s literally semper packed when we attempt to go on weekends, so we’ve never gotten a table before} to the new b+d’s in city market {kdr devoured an entire pound of angus… insanity}, we stuffed ourselves. i even got kdr to try a bite of my favorite {frou-frou, girly dessert} macarons from maison de macaron!

we also spent a ton of quality time with roux, even undertaking the epic task of giving him a bath in our bath tub. since he is now a 45lb puppy, that is no small feat.

but. but.

evening eventually fell, and as the darkness set in so did the realization that we only had a couple more hours together.

worst. feeling. ever.

{nerd alert} you know the poem by catullus? catullus V? it’s the one where he writes,

“… da mihi basia mille deinde centum…”

and goes on and on about all of the hundreds of thousands of kisses that he and his beloved will give each other.

well, it was like that, but replace the “basia” with “lacrima” {or whatever the word for tears is in latin – give me a break; i’m a bit rusty} & you have a more accurate description of my evening yesterday.

dropping him off at his unit to get the bus to the airport to board the plane that will take him to the big, bad, stupid ‘Stan was one of the most awful, gut-wrenching, emotionally draining experiences of all time.

yeah, deployments suck.

my boys pre-dropping kdr off at the airport :(
my boys pre-dropping kdr off at the airport :(

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