dear blogging world:

hi. i know i barely register on the radar at the moment {this will be like what – my fifteenth post? lame.}


i decided to make this thing up in my head that i like to call my deployment bucket list. it is a list of things i hope to will accomplish while my dear lisle is deployed to the ‘Stan.

one of those things is to update this here blog at least three times a week so i can keep myself accountable for track of my progress on the other components of the list while he is away slash simultaneously serve as a way to update my beloved on how i spend my time away from him.

i would start with today, buuuuuut i already wrote an epic email about it {in which i seriously beefed up my day’s activities, which were really not all that exciting, & in so doing completely exhausted my writing reserves for the evening} sooooo…


ugh. making excuses already? i’m the worst.

to make up for it {a little?} please enjoy a gratuitous {& ginormous} photo of the puppy:

look at those wolf eyes! {{i die}}
look at those wolf eyes! {{i die}}

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