roux’s law.

if you buy your puppy an absurdly-expensive chew toy like an antler – 

– he will always choose to play with the cheap {free, in some cases} toy instead. 

roux is currently gnawing his little puppy heart out on a hoof that cost me maybe $2 at our local pet boutique. 

the antler on which i {accidentally} spent almost $20 sits unwanted & gathering dust in a corner of his crate. 

also, i just realized: is it strange that we give our pets random bits of animal bodies to chew on?

side note: the smell of a partially chewed, naturally {supposedly} shed hoof rivals only that of the bully stick {aka bull pizzle, aka bull penis, aka super ick} for its repugnance. 

ohhh, the joys of raising a fluffy little puppy!  


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