lovely things about today, in no particular order:

1) finding fingerling sweet potatoes at the farmer’s market.
2) mimosas and bacon at breakfast.
3) not being at drill. {can I get a hooah for the concept of split training?}
4) roux accompanying me to both breakfast and dinner. {yay friends who don’t mind puppies!}
5) hog hammers for lunch. {oh, how I missed those things}
6) free samples of pralines + byrd cookies + salt in city market.
7) truffles at chocolat by adam turoni on broughton.
8) scoring an amazing nude black+white photo of marilyn monroe {framed!} for dirt-cheap.
9) getting to see and hold an adorable baby with gorgeous blue baby eyes.
10) listening to ray lamontagne + the midnight in paris soundtrack while having a cup of kava tea.
11) having the chicken farmer at the market recognize me.
12) feeling positively lovely all day long.
13) deciding on {and semi-crafting} a valentine’s day card for the lisle.
14) not having to watch any form of sporting activity whatsoever all day long!! :)


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