tummy happiness, deconstructed:

if you love yourself {and/or care about your tummy’s happiness}, do the following:

assemble this group:

from the farmer’s market in forsyth park, savannah, ga: fingerling sweet potatoes, unsalted butter, pecans. from the salt table in savannah, ga: maple flakes, vanilla bean sea salt.

step 1: bake sweet potatoes {preferably cute baby ones} til tender and oozing caramel sweetness.
step 2: toast pecans in the oven with a smattering of fresh-from-the-farm butter.
step 3: de-skin sweet potatoes. {feed skins to your puppy, because his tummy deserves noms too.}
step 4: mash the naked sweet potatoes in a bowl & mix up toasted, buttery pecans.
step 5: top with maple flakes, vanilla bean sea salt, & butter to taste.
step 6: enjoy the warm glow of happiness that emanates through your soul as your tummy smiles!

close-up of my delicious sweet potato-pecan concoction!

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