furniture found via craigslist {is the best way to find furniture, obviously}.

exactly ONE year ago today, the lisle and i took a pretty big step and moved into our very first apartment together. possibly an even bigger step than that was investing in {lots of dollars worth of} furniture – our first big-ticket-item purchase as a couple. 

now that’s a good lookin’ couch. also, i don’t think our carpet will ever be that clean again. ::tear::

now, let me just say this: buying furniture from a sketchy warehouse that you found on craigslist {a warehouse which, let me be clear, was in a nondescript storage unit and accessible by appointment only} from a 6’4″ bald, super-fit white dude is an experience. an experience, i tell you, and one that everyone should have at some point or another. 

picture this: so you drive up to this plain ole gray storage unit, right? and the first thing you see is a couple of muscled dudes unloading plastic-wrapped furniture out of an ashley home furniture truck. other than these guys, there is no one around {well, except your boyfriend}. there is no sign announcing you’ve arrived at a furniture warehouse. there’s no one impatiently tapping their foot by a well-marked entrance to this supposed store, awaiting the arrival of a new customer. 

clearly, this raises some red flags. “wait. why are these guys unloading furniture from an ashley home furniture store truck? are they not even trying to conceal the fact they are – gasp, wait – are they stealing it? are we about to attempt purchasing stolen furniture?!” 

well, you need furniture. one night spent on a twin-sized air mattress with another full-sized adult human was enough to convince you of that. 

you try to convince yourself that your original impressions were wrong. “maybe it’s not stolen. maybe it’s legally acquired. like… manufacturer defects or something. right?” 

before you have time to analyze the situation further, one of the jacked dudes walks over to you and asks if you are {your name} and {boyfriend’s name}. why yes. yes you are. 

without further adieu, and before you really have time to process what’s happening, you are led into a veritable furniture wonderland. not only are all of the main brands represented here, but they’re all omgsocheap

before you know it, you’re sitting at denny’s {obviously}, enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal from their “light fit” menu {but with real eggs and none of that egg white mixture nonsense, of course}, waiting for a call that your furniture is on its way to be delivered to your brand-spankin’-new “luxury” apartment. 

did you just engage in some type of illicit criminal activity? well, there’s really no way to tell for sure. you decide to not think about it further. 

but who cares anyway, right? you have a COUCH. and a full bedroom set! heck yes. 

{that was all hypothetical, obviously…}



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