paleo banana bread: it’s delicious.

y’all, this stuff is delicious. it is particularly wonderful because it does not involve any added sugar whatsoever and relies solely on the sweetness of the overripe bananas to make it more of a dessert than a meal, though it probably has enough protein & fat to be considered a meal. just sayin’.

{i may have drizzled mine with local raw honey and sprinkled some maple flakes on top, but shhhh!}

if you do not have all of the ingredients on hand {who has coconut flour anyway, besides weirdos like me?} feel free to substitute – according to the comments, this is a rather forgiving recipe.

for example, since i lacked the almond butter mentioned in the recipe, i whipped up some walnut butter instead and just used that.

while whipping up walnut butter probably sounds like a daunting task, i promise you it isn’t. all it requires is a food processor, some walnuts, and about a minute of patience. you simply put your walnuts in said food processor, press the grind button, and wait. scrape down the sides of the food processor as necessary to continue grinding up the nutty goodness. yes, it’s that easy!

oh, and promise you will actually use melted butter, not “unsweetened applesauce” like that one commenter said she did. what’s the point of making an indulgent snack if you aren’t going to go for it 100%? and why does poor butter get so much bad press? people are dumb. seriously.

and, just to reinforce the concept, dietary fat does not equal body fat, people. 


{i would put a picture of mine here had i not forgotten to take one before slicing into it… oops.} 


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