the only redeeming thing about rainy days:

rain boots. 


yes, these trusty rain boots, purchased from j. crew during my freshman year of college {hello, walking to class in epic rain storms} and still hanging out in my closet. 

other nice things about rainy days: 

{} no feelings of guilt for shuttering yourself indoors & watching a shameful amount of netflix and/or redbox dvd’s. {for those of us wise enough to cancel our abhorrent cable service, that is. i’m looking at you, comcast.}

{} an excuse to listen to your “rainy day” playlist, which is admittedly comprised of 90% joshua radin with a smidgen of jack johnson and a sprinkling of iron & wine. 

{} for some reason, i always feel more inspired to clean and/or bake. i just go with it. 

{} PERFECT coffee- slash tea-drinking weather. gotta be caffeinated to stay up through all of those movies, amiright? 

confession: when i walked a rich georgetown lady’s dog as a part-time job in college, i particularly loved rainy weekend days. it was my favorite time to walk around, rain boots on my feet, absurdly bright raincoat on, enthusiastic black lab by my side. i’d sit on the swings at my favorite local park, kicking a tennis ball for the pup to chase while i swung {swang? swinged? … } my heart out listening to my rainy day playlist and slash or “swing life away” by rise against. 



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