so, here’s the thing. i am {almost} twenty-four. i live in a gorgeous old southern city & am a wedding coordinator slash army officer in the national guard slash freelance dog-walker, owner of a golden retriever puppy and girlfriend to the sweetest, sexiest guy a girl could ask for {who even appreciates my weirdness}. though clearly a study in contradictions, i am living what i thought was my dream.

i decided to start this blog as an attempt {albeit a vain one} to make sense of it all & chronicle my journey for anyone who cares to observe it. i am personally obsessed with those blogs that cute newlyweds write {all about their husby slash being preggo slash their little kiddos slash being new mamas – you know the ones i’m talking about! don’t pretend otherwise!} AND the blogs of the fellow real nutrition-obsessed {anything with nourishing or traditional in the title, and occasionally some paleo and/or cave references – c’mon, you have to have at least happened upon one at some point}.

sadly, you will not find much of that here. on the one hand, i am not a cute newlywed. i have no cute babies, on the way or out of the womb. on the other, i am bad at working out. i won’t have any awesome routines to post. i like strange food, so you probably won’t want any recipes i have to offer up {unless the idea of chicken feet-laced bone broth titillates you, in which case please feel free to comment away!}. i also don’t think it is necessarily worth the money for me to get a master’s degree in anything at this point, so i am not a nutritional expert and incapable of doling out advice.

most likely, you will find:

– ramblings about my day {see how long this about section has already turned out? you’ve been forewarned}

– venting rants about {insert irritating thing here}

– laments about life with a mildly insane, hunger-crazed-yet-apparently-overfed puppy

– drawn-out pleas for help & direction

in short, i have no idea what i am doing with my life. please, feel free to gape. i won’t judge you.




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