if my soul were a flower,

{ranunculus love}

it would be a ranunculus. just like this one.

hot pink on the inside {obviously} gradually radiates out into a more subtle, yet nonetheless lovely, shade of pale peach, fading into delicately scalloped edges.

love love love love love


lovely things about today, in no particular order:

1) finding fingerling sweet potatoes at the farmer’s market.
2) mimosas and bacon at breakfast.
3) not being at drill. {can I get a hooah for the concept of split training?}
4) roux accompanying me to both breakfast and dinner. {yay friends who don’t mind puppies!}
5) hog hammers for lunch. {oh, how I missed those things}
6) free samples of pralines + byrd cookies + salt in city market.
7) truffles at chocolat by adam turoni on broughton.
8) scoring an amazing nude black+white photo of marilyn monroe {framed!} for dirt-cheap.
9) getting to see and hold an adorable baby with gorgeous blue baby eyes.
10) listening to ray lamontagne + the midnight in paris soundtrack while having a cup of kava tea.
11) having the chicken farmer at the market recognize me.
12) feeling positively lovely all day long.
13) deciding on {and semi-crafting} a valentine’s day card for the lisle.
14) not having to watch any form of sporting activity whatsoever all day long!! :)

my sweet tooth continues.


IMG_0705{courtesy of paleomg, aka queen of paleo-ish tasty treats & indulgences} 

if i happened to have overripe bananas at the moment, i would absolutely be making these, though i would most likely sub raw honey for the dates since i don’t like dates in most non-arab dessert recipes. 

seriously, what is up with my sweet tooth right now? 

… help! 

it’s 80 degrees in january. please keep that in mind while ogling the following:

strawberry walnut chocolate chunk ice cream!!
{via food loves writing}

feast your eyes on strawberry walnut chocolate chunk ice cream!! ahhhhhhh.

my next kitchen gadget purchase needs to be an ice cream maker.

i also need to figure out how to acquire raw milk down here in gawgiaaa. i *think* i can get it if it’s labeled “for pets” but i’m not entirely certain.

in virginia, you are only allowed to drink raw milk if it comes from your own cow. the way ingenious & determined folks get around this, i recently found out, is to buy into a “cow-share” and pay a farmer each month to feed and take care of “their” cow. the farm provides the owner with fresh milk each week. isn’t that nifty?

by-the-by, the method of drinking from your own cow is much preferred to purchasing raw milk in any sort of store, in my opinion. while raw milk is awesome & nutritious, it can be terribly dangerous if not sourced with extreme caution as you can read about here.

if i had a dime for every pretend online shopping cart i filled with loot…

from my absolute-freakin-favorite {inexpensive} cute dress manufacturer sites like:

modcloth {click}

adorable sailor dress for summer picnics {so what if it’s winter; i can dream!}
modcloth orange halter
sexayyy little number for a party {obvs add solid tights & super high heels}
modcloth va va voom red dress
ditto on the sexayyy factor, but i’d pair this one with seed pearl earrings & kitten heels ;)

ruche {click}

love love love the mix of textures here!
ruche ballerina dress
ballerina dress – flowy tulle, sparkly sequins – what’s not to love?!
ruche hillside prairie dress
cute casual dress – paired with solid brown/gray tights & brown riding boots, it’d be perfect for a fall picnic or sunday out n about downtown

anthro // {kay, maybe not so inexpensive but that’s why they’re pretend shopping carts, duh.}

SO jackie o. & SO my kinda look!      {hello, cateye sunglasses & headscarf}
anthro one shoulder dress
black tights + metallic accessories = 50’s cocktail party chic
anthro spinning lace dress
pearls + pink tights & ballet flats = grown-up ballerina look perfect for day or night!



{who am i kidding? all i’d need is a penny per. sheesh.}