{meal plan} for the week of september 16th, 2013.

it has been approximately seven moons since I wrote last, which I fully acknowledge is ridiculous. in any event, I am now embarking on a new journey of sorts in which I assist a friend with meal-planning and changing over to the whole/real foods lifestyle.

exciting? obviously!

not only do I think it will be a nice thing to chronicle via my lovely blog {in which I will hopefully be encouraged to write more often – fingers crossed} but this will also be the best forum through which I can keep track of all of the fabby recipes i’m planning to incorporate.

so what’s on the menu for this week? i’m glad you asked ;)

my strategy for her {and my own strategy, as a matter of fact} is to eat almost the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day with the only real variety being what I have for dinner. with that being said, I do like to switch it up every now and again so that I don’t get too bored – the most common way for me to do that is to just eat dinner leftovers for lunch.


}} eggs {2-3 whole, pastured} scrambled with veggies {bell peppers, mushrooms, onions}  in evoo + 1 slice of ezekiel toast with 1/2 T kerrygold butter

}} raw fruit {cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, berries} with 1/4 C toasted almond slices, shredded coconut & 1/2C greek yogurt {full-fat}

}} 1 link/patty sausage {pastured, farmer’s market} with onions, peppers + eggs {2 whole, pastured}

}} pancakes {either these or these} with berries, a drizzle of local honey & a pat of kerrygold butter


}} ginormous salad: protein {chicken, turkey, flank steak} + veggies {whatever is in season – carrots/cucumbers/bell peppers/red onion/avocado/etc.} + mixed greens {romaine/baby lettuce/baby spinach} + homemade salad dressing {evoo + dijon with either balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice}

}} tuna salad {can of wild planet sustainably caught, low-mercury tuna + evoo + dijon + scallions + pickles + salt & pepper} on 1 piece of toasted ezekiel bread with roasted veggies

}} leftovers from dinner


}} crockpot bbq chicken via civilized caveman:

crockpot bbq chicken
recipe via civilized caveman

}} mexican casserole via paleomg:

recipe via paleomg
recipe via paleomg

}} lemon halibut in parchment with parsnips, olives & fennel:

parchment halibut
recipe via clean program’s blog

}} old bay roasted shrimp with sautéed yellow squash & zucchini {using ina garten’s fab recipe for guidance}

snacks as desired

}} one piece of whole fruit {apple/pear/orange/etc.} + palm-full of toasted nuts {almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, pecans}

}} 1 cup of greek yogurt {full-fat, grassfed if possible} or cottage cheese {ditto} with mixed berries and a drizzle of local raw honey or grade b maple syrup

}} 1 piece of ezekiel bread topped with either 1 T of sunbutter or 1.5 oz non-deli meat {sliced chicken or turkey}/dijon mustard

}} roasted veggies {carrots, cauliflower, kale, broccoli, etc.} with evoo & spices {s&p, old bay, herbamare… the options are endless!}


PHEW. so there you have it;) wish us luck!!


*if you’re wondering why I only planned out a few dinners, it’s because I’ve found that {at least for me} it’s better to under-plan on dinner since my little household often has more leftovers than we know what to do with, as we are only two people and most recipes prepare enough for four. i’m the only one who can eat leftovers for lunch, as the bf doesn’t have a microwave at work and refuses to eat cold leftovers {which I, oddly enough, adore}.




meal plan mondays: 02 – 07 july 2012

last week’s dinners were a rousing success – i was particularly crazy about the roasted swiss chard + kale + beets drizzled in olive oil with salt & pepper as a side! YUM.

without further adieu, this is what i’m thinking for this week:

monday – bbq at my friend’s gender reveal party:)

tuesday – sun dried tomato meatballs with creamy pesto with arugula salad on the side

wednesday – 4th of july! we will be enjoying steaks/brats out by the pool:)

thursday – taco bowl with crispy kale chips (shredded chicken as the meat)

friday – grilled & chilled shellfish with basil, mint & lime vinaigrette*

saturday – i am working at a wedding, so i will have whatever the lovely couple has chosen!

*if i can’t find a decent/fresh selection, i will sub with either crab cakes (i stocked up on cans of crab at trader joe’s last week!) or a big delicious salmon salad

today i’m having leftover pakistani kima for lunch and using the blueberry-vanilla-chia seed jam i made yesterday as a filling for an oat-square-esque dessert (i’ve yet to determine how i am going about that one) that i’m bringing to a gender reveal party for one of my pregnant friends tonight:)

as you can see, this week is a busy (but fun!) one. i will try to update as often as possible!

meal plan mondays: 25 – 30 june 2012

as an inaugural post, i decided to put up my meal plan for the week. i generally use mondays to compile a list of recipes i would like to try as well as a grocery list since (at least as of now) i have mondays off from work.

this is what my plan for this week looks like:

monday – chicken adobo & roasted greens with beets & garlic 

tuesday – slow cooked rump roast (crock pot!) with sauteed veggies + baked sweet potato

wednesday citrus-mango spicy tilapia & kale

thursday 5-spice slow cooker ribs with roasted zucchini fries*

friday pakistani kima – i haven’t tried this before but am thinking it would be tastiest with lamb. i’ll let you know how it turns out!

saturday – out to dinner to celebrate my glorious return from natty guard training? olde pink house, i’m looking at you!

as you all can see, i am still at the paleo stage where i copy other people’s recipes rather than make my own. until i progress to that level of mastery, i will continue thieving from my favorites (sarah at everydaypaleo, julie at paleomg!, melissa at clothesmakethegirl, etc.) and linking to their pages for each recipe.

*that being said, i do have a decent recipe for roasted zucchini (or any other veggie) fries! 1) cut your veggie of choice into strips resembling fries, 2) toss “fries” with oil of choice (i prefer coconut) & spread in an even layer on a parchment-lined cookie sheet, 3) sprinkle seasoning of choice (i like old bay, but any combo works!) over the entire sheet, 4) roast at 450 for ~ 20 minutes or until the edges are golden brown, turning halfway thru. be careful not to over-oil or you may end up with a sad soggy mess like i did the first time i tried this out.

what does your menu for the week look like?