so THAT’S how you spell it!

it is a testament to the failure of my precocious pre-school + elementary school years as a ballerina that i am just now aware of the proper spelling of that word.

i always assumed it was spelled like “sashay”  or maybe “shasay” –

shows how much i know about ballet {hint: not much}.

it’s times like this that i realize i am not nearly as cultured as i aspire to be.

i am a downright philistine.

also, french words have a way of eluding me spelling-wise:

when i was in fourth grade, i entered our school spelling bee

{as one does at the tender age of nine years}

after winning the grade-level bee.

i’m on stage, ready for my word.

{which was supposedly chosen at random via a drawing out of a hat — stereotypes aside.}

i feel confident that i shall beast this bee as i did the previous one.

{incidentally, that year i was allowed to design my own spelling tests since the class tests were ridiculously easy. i also chose to go by the name ‘kinipela’ as it meant ‘white wave’ in hawaiian and was ergo a close approximation of ‘jennifer’ which i found out after creating for myself a hawaiian-themed spelling list – yes, i was am weird.}

so the judge delivers my word.

“your word is, ‘denier’.”

oh, f***, i am thinking in slightly more appropriate, nine-year-old terms.

“may i have the definition?”

i ask, slight panic in my voice, hoping to buy a scrap of time within which to come up with the best b.s. approximation of the proper spelling that i can.

“de·ni·er – /dəˈni(ə)r/: noun. a unit of weight by which the fineness of silk, rayon, or nylon yarn is measured, equal to the weight in grams of 9000 meters,”

 cites the judge dutifully, a glimmer of malice in her eyes.

what. does. that. even. mean ??? my little nine-year-old mind races.
well, there’s no point in delaying the inevitable.
i charge onward:
“d – e – n –
{pause as i decide whether to gamble or not…}
“u – r – e ?”
“i’m sorry, that is incorrect.”
{taking the safe spelling route did not pay off. clearly. darn it.}
:: cue my little heart and soul breaking ::
fast forward to the next week, when the school winner {on the word “giraffe” no less} rapidly loses in the first round at the county bee on the word…
{yeah, i’m clearly still bitter. fifteen years later. whatevs.}

infuriating nonsense:

having served in a number of homeless facilities over the years, i have always been aghast at the quality of food at their disposal. at a mission in chattanooga, tennessee where i served during the spring break of my senior year in college, the homeless were routinely given at least one moon pie per meal in addition to a cup of fruit swimming in high fructose corn syrup.

now, any food donations for the seriously hungry and under-served are generous and helpful. i’m not saying that shelters and missions should be ungrateful for the food that companies donate, even if what is donated shouldn’t necessarily be called food {moon pie ingredients include: enriched wheat flour, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, defatted soy flour, soybean oil, dutched cocoa, cocoa, gelatin, baking soda, soy lecithin, salt, artificial flavoring, and sodium sulfite. do you recognize any of those ingredients as food? i didn’t think so.}

HOWEVER. in light of the fact that shelf-stable “food” products comprise the bulk of donations to homeless shelters and missions, you would think that said establishments would be elated to receive donations of real food with which they could provide actual nourishment to patrons as opposed to the building blocks of debilitating health conditions for people already plagued, in most cases, by severe mental illness.

unfortunately, that is not the case in many areas.

an organization that sounds like it makes quite a bit of sense, called hunters for the hungry, essentially solves two problems at once: 1) the issue of deer overpopulation and its detrimental effects on the ecosystem as a whole and 2) hungry and/or homeless people who do not have access to adequate nutrition/protein sources. it is a common sense solution with a dual purpose and its founders should be applauded for their ingenuity.

venison is and always has been a perfectly acceptable, nutritious source of protein more than suitable for human consumption. i have eaten venison on a number of occasions, and i have quite a few friends who hunt and consume it on a regular basis as a cheap yet tasty meat.

why, then, are certain idiotic bureaucrats demanding it be destroyed and deem bulk donations of it unsuitable for human consumption? is it rancid? no. is it from sickened, factory-farmed deer? obviously not. is it from deer force-fed grains in order to plump them up and who are then given massive amounts of antibiotics to treat the problems created by eating foods that they are incapable of properly digesting? heck no.

yes. according to the fools in the article linked here, venison is less suitable for human consumption than moon pies, shelf-stable food “product” packaged in bpa-laden cans, and meat from what i am absolutely positive are not grass-fed or pastured animals.

the privately funded mission mentioned in the story is being forced to dump nearly 2k pounds of venison straight into the trash. nearly 2k pounds of perfectly good, nutritious protein just wasted.

please read the full story here.

i would like to go to paris.

and i would like to stay here

with the lisle. {this one: 

the lisle, aka super amurrican, looking like a famous person {apparently.}

and reenact two of my favorite movies.

and eat delicious food {including, obviously, chocolate croissants, cheeses, filet de sole meunière, and macarons. not like i’ve been thinking about it or anything.} washed down with amazing wine. 

and pretend i am this lady. 

and generally cavort about pretending to be important and such. 

doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

the only redeeming thing about rainy days:

rain boots. 


yes, these trusty rain boots, purchased from j. crew during my freshman year of college {hello, walking to class in epic rain storms} and still hanging out in my closet. 

other nice things about rainy days: 

{} no feelings of guilt for shuttering yourself indoors & watching a shameful amount of netflix and/or redbox dvd’s. {for those of us wise enough to cancel our abhorrent cable service, that is. i’m looking at you, comcast.}

{} an excuse to listen to your “rainy day” playlist, which is admittedly comprised of 90% joshua radin with a smidgen of jack johnson and a sprinkling of iron & wine. 

{} for some reason, i always feel more inspired to clean and/or bake. i just go with it. 

{} PERFECT coffee- slash tea-drinking weather. gotta be caffeinated to stay up through all of those movies, amiright? 

confession: when i walked a rich georgetown lady’s dog as a part-time job in college, i particularly loved rainy weekend days. it was my favorite time to walk around, rain boots on my feet, absurdly bright raincoat on, enthusiastic black lab by my side. i’d sit on the swings at my favorite local park, kicking a tennis ball for the pup to chase while i swung {swang? swinged? … } my heart out listening to my rainy day playlist and slash or “swing life away” by rise against. 


two things about this morning:

1. i turned on the heat in this apartment for the first time ever. i truly wanted to hold out but it was 25 degrees fahrenheit on my early morning walk with roux and i couldn’t feel my hands when i came back inside. ehhh, i just have to wait a few more days and it apparently will be back to the 70’s for me;)

2. i am concerned about the intensity of my burgeoning addiction to cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread spread with a bit of sunbutter. holy cow it is amazing. i’m a little worried I will never want eggs for breakfast again.


happy happy valentine’s day! {lupercalia is still better.}

i hope you all are enjoying many delicious treats and some quality time with your loved ones. since my human valentine is moons away in the big bad ‘stan, it’s just me & my fluffy little one today.

so far we i have celebrated by:

{} getting praline frozen yogurt from sweet frog post-bikram this morning. {it was literally all i thought about during the entire class last few poses…}

{} buying roux a four-foot-long chew stick thing supposedly made of chicken, which he happily devoured in under five minutes. {you’d think i starve that fur child}

{} taking my furry valentine on our version of a long, romantic walk through the woodsy area by the lagoon behind our little home. 

{} venturing out to my absolute-most-favorite-place-on-earth, aka foxy loxy cafe, to enjoy an americano and get distracted by do some wedding coordination-related work. 

later this evening i plan to:

{} make moussaka with the homemade beef bone broth i’ve been simmering on the stove since last evening.

{} practice calligraphy with my brand-spankin’-new calligraphy set that the lisle so thoughtfully got me for valentine’s day. {THANKS LISLE!!}

{} read & snuggle the puppy. maybe we’ll go on another long walk? 

oh, how i love this hallmark holiday that gives us the perfect excuse to devour fine chocolates and spend many dollars on five-course-dinners with wine pairings {next year, lisle!}.  it’s like the marketing people were thinking specifically of me when they came up with v-day, particularly the color scheme;)

my valentines. aren’t i a lucky girl?! :)