happy happy valentine’s day! {lupercalia is still better.}

i hope you all are enjoying many delicious treats and some quality time with your loved ones. since my human valentine is moons away in the big bad ‘stan, it’s just me & my fluffy little one today.

so far we i have celebrated by:

{} getting praline frozen yogurt from sweet frog post-bikram this morning. {it was literally all i thought about during the entire class last few poses…}

{} buying roux a four-foot-long chew stick thing supposedly made of chicken, which he happily devoured in under five minutes. {you’d think i starve that fur child}

{} taking my furry valentine on our version of a long, romantic walk through the woodsy area by the lagoon behind our little home. 

{} venturing out to my absolute-most-favorite-place-on-earth, aka foxy loxy cafe, to enjoy an americano and get distracted by do some wedding coordination-related work. 

later this evening i plan to:

{} make moussaka with the homemade beef bone broth i’ve been simmering on the stove since last evening.

{} practice calligraphy with my brand-spankin’-new calligraphy set that the lisle so thoughtfully got me for valentine’s day. {THANKS LISLE!!}

{} read & snuggle the puppy. maybe we’ll go on another long walk? 

oh, how i love this hallmark holiday that gives us the perfect excuse to devour fine chocolates and spend many dollars on five-course-dinners with wine pairings {next year, lisle!}.  it’s like the marketing people were thinking specifically of me when they came up with v-day, particularly the color scheme;)

my valentines. aren’t i a lucky girl?! :)