– joel salatin of polyface farms


{one of his enlightening books can be found here}

– restaurants like…

husk in charleston, sc:

husk via fried green savannah
lantern in chapel hill, nc {& the cookbook written by owner andrea reusing pictured below}:

andrea reusing cooking in the moment

thrive and cha bella in savannah, ga:

thrive via white pages cha-bella via trip advisor

boutique markets a la eat boutique:

eat boutique

chris kresser

– beautiful photography that reflects a deep appreciation of the past, present & future like honey & jam’s

honey and jam

– places like cades cove

– ideas like regenerative agriculture and nutrition as medicine

– organizations like this

friends of boston's homeless: ingeniously linking the growth of organic produce with feeding the homeless
friends of boston’s homeless: ingeniously linking the growth of organic produce with feeding the homeless

– people like the real food renegade:

food renegade

– modern day homesteading


:) :) :) :) :) sign me up, please & thank you! if only i didn’t have student loans to worry about paying back {ugh college} …



joy of joys: i finally did it! i am no longer suffering indignities at the hands of an overweight prego control freak. never again will I be forced to run out to get her fast food and coke (um hello there – do you care about your little fetus at all? baby cannot grow& thrive on chicken nuggets and soda…)!

i still have wedding planning and (for the next six years) natty guard.

i also still have big plans! i will use my life to help others and make a difference, whatever it takes. while i have yet to decide on the how of that mantra, i am dedicated to making myself useful.

i may go to nursing school.
{once I finish all five necessary prerequisite courses for my program of choice}

i may become a waitress slash bartender.
{to make decent money and pay back student loans}

i may move to the mountains to work on a farm.
{specifically one focusing on farm-to-table cuisine}

who knows yet?

all I know is i am free to do as i wish – to explore options until i find one that best fits me and fulfills my passions – and for that i am truly lucky.

as the sun sets over our backyard lagoon, so it does also over my career being a salon receptionist ;)
as the sun sets over our backyard lagoon, so it does also on my career as a salon receptionist ;)

words of enlightenment (thank you, gt’s kombucha)

as i sit here gearing up for my first day back at work since leaving for national guard annual training three weeks ago, i’m trying – seriously trying – to motivate myself. while i am grateful that i have a job of sorts to come back to, i just know that i could be doing so much more with my life.

it’s ridiculously depressing to go from being in a relative position of power with control over an entire platoon of Soldiers to working as a receptionist/office manager at a salon (doing essentially the same job I did five years ago in high school) for hourly minimum wage.

i mean, really. 

so seeing this particular bottle of gt’s enlightened organic raw kombucha (more on that deliciousness another time) and its “words of enlightenment” on the label had particular meaning for me this morning:

“and the day came for the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud

was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

– anais nin

hm. well, there’s something to think about. yes, it may feel more secure for me to have a job for the sake of having a job at the moment, but is it really worth it if it’s keeping me from reaching higher? from having loftier goals, from becoming the person i was meant to be?

i may have a job when i come home tonight, and i may not. it really just depends on whether or not i have the guts to quit (or at least put in my two weeks’ notice) today.

i’ll let you know.