“she kept her head in the clouds…

& her nose in a book”

{thus reads my hot pink kate spade nook cover, which is a pretty apt description of me} 

am i the only one who spends approximately 3/4 of my waking hours daydreaming? 

it’s almost like i have crippling {yet woefully undiagnosed} attention deficit disorder. seriously. for example, in the last few moments i have:

1) compulsively checked facebook.

2) googled** the silly nickname i gave my bf {lisle}.

3) found a company named the lisle corporation {located in iowa, which is just hilarious to me for whatever reason}.

4) ogled a small child’s gorgeously designed tea party photos {@ the lovely cupboard}. 

5) thought about how much i heart the name “the lovely cupboard” & what a nice place iowa probably is.

6) posted the lisle corporation link to bf’s facebook {along with a wistful wish to move to iowa}. 

7) thought about how much i want a frou frou tutu to wear to my own future imagined tea party.

8) wondered if frou frou is actually a word//phrase or if i just made that up from rhyming a band name with “tutu” {???}.

9) decided to open up wordpress and unleash my inanities onto the greater blogosphere my grand total of two readers.

what’s wrong with me? also, does it bother anyone that i only came up with nine things rather than an even ten? is it weird that i even thought that? 

there is probably only one other person in this world who does not think my behavior is utterly ridiculous, and that person is roux. {shut up, he counts as a person for the purpose of this post. my blog, my rules.} why do i think this? simple: he’s guilty of daydreaming the majority of the time too. wanna know how i know? just look at this picture: 


**sometimes when i really really really miss someone, or if i’m just thinking about someone, i have the urge to google them. this urge spills over into facebook, obviously, and i have made the awkward mistake more than once of accidentally typing that person’s name into the “what’s on your mind?” box instead of the “search” box. yeah, i’m painfully awkward.