miniature {at the time of titling this post, so before even beginning to write & ergo potentially not miniature at all} rant:

Comcast is the worst cable // internet service provider of all time.

i’d love to go on and lay out exactly why that is, but honestly – doesn’t everyone know how terrible they are by now? surely this company has left no stone unturned in their quest to infect every city in the continental united states with their atrocious lack of customer service, their unheard-of {read: excessively lengthy} hold times if you dare call and request assistance with your service, and their shoddy internet that is inconsistent at best and downright disgraceful at its worst. it would be trite for me to continue with why they suck, because anything I could say has surely been said and lamented at some point {and likely by a myriad of disappointed, angry customers} before.

so I will just say this:

I don’t see why we have to subscribe to their cable service in the first place. when kdr was deployed, I got along just fine with the standard ten-or-so channels {I had jeopardy, I had scandal, I had the bachelor… not the most riveting, stimulating tv, but entertainment when I truly desired it nonetheless} and no internet at home. if anything, it was fabulous fun having a reason to leave the house during the day to make my pilgrimage to my own personal mecca, foxy loxy, and make use of their internet while enjoying a delicious yet affordable korean bbq taco.

sadly, however, kdr doesn’t see it this way.

{enter passive aggressive mode…}

my sweet, loving, wonderful fiancé needs – needs –  the internet to survive.


apparently – as i’m coming to learn – tv shows {mainly, in our household, watched via netflix or amazon or what have you – via some application that requires the internet, in any case} are a vital part of human existence.

they de-stress.

{coincidence that “de-stress” autocorrected to “distress”? I think not. autocorrect understands me.}

they enlighten.

they entertain.

they fill gaps in conversation with mindless drivel.

and above all, the internet gives us something to occupy our thoughts when we’d rather not think about reality.


had a bad day at work?

don’t talk about it. surf gear patrol for new gadgets. put crap you don’t need in your amazon wishlist. find new ventures to support on kickstarter so you’ll end up with more things.

thingsthingsthingsthings – let’s accumulate as much as possible, as quickly as possible!

consumerism at its finest, no?

{because what really matters is how much stuff you acquire during your lifetime.}

i’m obviously not above this myself – is anyone, really? – and having the internet at home is a practical, useful thing most of the time. however–

do I want to continue to opt-in to a messed-up company’s monopoly on the market in this area?

no. no no no.

dealing with comcast is, in my mind at least, similar to dealing with factory farms.

just as I choose not to buy meat from factory farms and ergo opt out of the industrial food complex that has befallen our country, I would ideally choose to opt out of comcast’s shameful business practices by not giving them any of our money any longer.

{kdr is still in disagreement with me over this. so — oh well. housewives who do not make $ are not always in the most favorable bargaining position when it comes to household decisions like this. such is life.} 

I refuse to reward failure.

comcast may think it’s a successful company, being that it is so widespread in this area and surely turns a hefty profit, but that’s not the metric by which I choose to define success. the fact that they have zero interest in improving their customer service combined with their epically awful internet service make comcast a sad failure in my opinion. it’s a shame that they are allowed a monopoly on the market when they are so undedicated to their customers and the overall improvement of their product.

{yes, this post was prompted by the fact that the internet went out over five times in the past half-hour that I tried to write a blog post. I was originally going to write about something else entirely but that will have to wait for another day. you can thank comcast’s incompetence and devil-may-care attitude regarding their shoddy products. GRRR.}


i would like to go to paris.

and i would like to stay here

with the lisle. {this one: 

the lisle, aka super amurrican, looking like a famous person {apparently.}

and reenact two of my favorite movies.

and eat delicious food {including, obviously, chocolate croissants, cheeses, filet de sole meunière, and macarons. not like i’ve been thinking about it or anything.} washed down with amazing wine. 

and pretend i am this lady. 

and generally cavort about pretending to be important and such. 

doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

the only redeeming thing about rainy days:

rain boots. 


yes, these trusty rain boots, purchased from j. crew during my freshman year of college {hello, walking to class in epic rain storms} and still hanging out in my closet. 

other nice things about rainy days: 

{} no feelings of guilt for shuttering yourself indoors & watching a shameful amount of netflix and/or redbox dvd’s. {for those of us wise enough to cancel our abhorrent cable service, that is. i’m looking at you, comcast.}

{} an excuse to listen to your “rainy day” playlist, which is admittedly comprised of 90% joshua radin with a smidgen of jack johnson and a sprinkling of iron & wine. 

{} for some reason, i always feel more inspired to clean and/or bake. i just go with it. 

{} PERFECT coffee- slash tea-drinking weather. gotta be caffeinated to stay up through all of those movies, amiright? 

confession: when i walked a rich georgetown lady’s dog as a part-time job in college, i particularly loved rainy weekend days. it was my favorite time to walk around, rain boots on my feet, absurdly bright raincoat on, enthusiastic black lab by my side. i’d sit on the swings at my favorite local park, kicking a tennis ball for the pup to chase while i swung {swang? swinged? … } my heart out listening to my rainy day playlist and slash or “swing life away” by rise against.