epic sugar combatant: fermented goodness.

i’ve been looking to ferment a tasty, nutritious drink for a while now {does that make me weird?} and this recipe from love and wild honey looks too easy to pass up!

lwh’s fermenting tastiness in action! {carrot on the left, beet on the right}

my sweet tooth continues.


IMG_0705{courtesy of paleomg, aka queen of paleo-ish tasty treats & indulgences} 

if i happened to have overripe bananas at the moment, i would absolutely be making these, though i would most likely sub raw honey for the dates since i don’t like dates in most non-arab dessert recipes. 

seriously, what is up with my sweet tooth right now? 

… help! 

it’s 80 degrees in january. please keep that in mind while ogling the following:

strawberry walnut chocolate chunk ice cream!!
{via food loves writing}

feast your eyes on strawberry walnut chocolate chunk ice cream!! ahhhhhhh.

my next kitchen gadget purchase needs to be an ice cream maker.

i also need to figure out how to acquire raw milk down here in gawgiaaa. i *think* i can get it if it’s labeled “for pets” but i’m not entirely certain.

in virginia, you are only allowed to drink raw milk if it comes from your own cow. the way ingenious & determined folks get around this, i recently found out, is to buy into a “cow-share” and pay a farmer each month to feed and take care of “their” cow. the farm provides the owner with fresh milk each week. isn’t that nifty?

by-the-by, the method of drinking from your own cow is much preferred to purchasing raw milk in any sort of store, in my opinion. while raw milk is awesome & nutritious, it can be terribly dangerous if not sourced with extreme caution as you can read about here.

meal plan mondays: 25 – 30 june 2012

as an inaugural post, i decided to put up my meal plan for the week. i generally use mondays to compile a list of recipes i would like to try as well as a grocery list since (at least as of now) i have mondays off from work.

this is what my plan for this week looks like:

monday – chicken adobo & roasted greens with beets & garlic 

tuesday – slow cooked rump roast (crock pot!) with sauteed veggies + baked sweet potato

wednesday citrus-mango spicy tilapia & kale

thursday 5-spice slow cooker ribs with roasted zucchini fries*

friday pakistani kima – i haven’t tried this before but am thinking it would be tastiest with lamb. i’ll let you know how it turns out!

saturday – out to dinner to celebrate my glorious return from natty guard training? olde pink house, i’m looking at you!

as you all can see, i am still at the paleo stage where i copy other people’s recipes rather than make my own. until i progress to that level of mastery, i will continue thieving from my favorites (sarah at everydaypaleo, julie at paleomg!, melissa at clothesmakethegirl, etc.) and linking to their pages for each recipe.

*that being said, i do have a decent recipe for roasted zucchini (or any other veggie) fries! 1) cut your veggie of choice into strips resembling fries, 2) toss “fries” with oil of choice (i prefer coconut) & spread in an even layer on a parchment-lined cookie sheet, 3) sprinkle seasoning of choice (i like old bay, but any combo works!) over the entire sheet, 4) roast at 450 for ~ 20 minutes or until the edges are golden brown, turning halfway thru. be careful not to over-oil or you may end up with a sad soggy mess like i did the first time i tried this out.

what does your menu for the week look like?