happy happy valentine’s day! {lupercalia is still better.}

i hope you all are enjoying many delicious treats and some quality time with your loved ones. since my human valentine is moons away in the big bad ‘stan, it’s just me & my fluffy little one today.

so far we i have celebrated by:

{} getting praline frozen yogurt from sweet frog post-bikram this morning. {it was literally all i thought about during the entire class last few poses…}

{} buying roux a four-foot-long chew stick thing supposedly made of chicken, which he happily devoured in under five minutes. {you’d think i starve that fur child}

{} taking my furry valentine on our version of a long, romantic walk through the woodsy area by the lagoon behind our little home. 

{} venturing out to my absolute-most-favorite-place-on-earth, aka foxy loxy cafe, to enjoy an americano and get distracted by do some wedding coordination-related work. 

later this evening i plan to:

{} make moussaka with the homemade beef bone broth i’ve been simmering on the stove since last evening.

{} practice calligraphy with my brand-spankin’-new calligraphy set that the lisle so thoughtfully got me for valentine’s day. {THANKS LISLE!!}

{} read & snuggle the puppy. maybe we’ll go on another long walk? 

oh, how i love this hallmark holiday that gives us the perfect excuse to devour fine chocolates and spend many dollars on five-course-dinners with wine pairings {next year, lisle!}.  it’s like the marketing people were thinking specifically of me when they came up with v-day, particularly the color scheme;)

my valentines. aren’t i a lucky girl?! :)

reasons i am awake at this advanced hour:

1) dear roux is deeply convinced that thunder and lightning can mean only one thing: an intensive bombing attack on gawgiaaa is underway.

2) sweet roux feels compelled to personally sound the alarm that the situation above is happening & does so with his ferocious, non-golden retriever-esque bark alternating with him smushing his fluffy little head up against me.

3) see above.


lovely things about today:

roux gazes longingly at my newfound, super delicious chocolate greek yogurt made with fresh milk from grassfed gawgiaaa cows and blended with a delightful mix of cinnamon, cacao & a dash of cayenne. mmm hello there, new favorite dessert!

{} waking up on my own at 6:30am after getting an epic nine hours of sleep the night prior

{} taking roux on his long walk in the chilly early morning air while listening to npr morning edition {i listened to this interesting story. my suggestion for a section to include on the new design? “non-food ingredients” or maybe “industrial waste byproduct ingredients”}

{} a great client meeting at gallery espresso with my october bride + groom & their moms

{} a fun floral appointment with –^ couple where we nailed down some design specifics for their venue space

{} a productive trip to the farmer’s market, where i found the delicious yogurt pictured above and stocked up on some of my weekly essentials {kale, broccoli, sweet potatoes, eggplants, eggs, ground buffalo meat – you get the idea!} 

{} a gloriously ginormous, filling, amazingly tasty grassfed burger on a pretzel bun from public kitchen & bar downtown

{} scoring some adorable + inexpensive rose gold drop earrings from red clover, a cute little boutique in which i heart browsing for dresses

{} indulging in a coconut + dark chocolate confection at the ever-amazing back in the day bakery

{} getting roux’s talons nails ground down so they will {inshallah} no longer break through my skin and leave horrible yellow/green bruises

{} signing roux up for beginner puppy training classes so that –^ can be avoided in the future regardless of his nail length/sharpness

roux’s law.

if you buy your puppy an absurdly-expensive chew toy like an antler – 

– he will always choose to play with the cheap {free, in some cases} toy instead. 

roux is currently gnawing his little puppy heart out on a hoof that cost me maybe $2 at our local pet boutique. 

the antler on which i {accidentally} spent almost $20 sits unwanted & gathering dust in a corner of his crate. 

also, i just realized: is it strange that we give our pets random bits of animal bodies to chew on?

side note: the smell of a partially chewed, naturally {supposedly} shed hoof rivals only that of the bully stick {aka bull pizzle, aka bull penis, aka super ick} for its repugnance. 

ohhh, the joys of raising a fluffy little puppy!